Exhaust Air Heat Pump

Exhaust air heat pump systems are becoming increasingly popular. The exhaust air heat pump uses wasted heat in the warmer areas of your home (kitchen, utility, bathrooms...) and transfers the heat to hot water using the same principles as air source heat pumps. 

An exhaust air heat pump provides controlled domestic ventilation with heat recovery, reusing the heat energy generated with the property, from ventilation, lighting, people and domestic appliances. They are used to provide heating and hot water for highly insulated new build properties. They also ventilate and filter the air creating hygienic air conditions, preventing stuffy air, damp and mould.


As exhaust air heat pumps rely upon heat within the property, they are only suitable for smaller well insulated newly built properties such as flats, apartments and social housing that have been built to have very little heat loss.

The benefits of Exhaust Air Heat Pump

  • Perfect for low energy homes
  • Reduces exposure to allergens
  • Reduces microbes such as bacteria, viruses, mould
  • Reduces odours and dampness
  • Reduces toxic pollution caused by harmful chemical substances and dust
  • Reuses energy from ventilation, lighting, people and domestic appliances

Exhaust air heat pumps must be installed correctly in order to work efficiently. Controlled domestic ventilation with heat recovery provides a highly energy efficient home heating and hot water solution but poor installation can lead to many problems. It is also recommended that the unit is serviced yearly to ensure everything is working correctly.

At S&B our team of qualified and experienced engineers provide a full service of these systems from system design through to installation and system configuration.

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