Mechanical Ventilation With Heat Recovery

What is a MVHR?

An MVHR is a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System that removes stale air from the building and replaces it with fresh filtered air from the outside.

How does a MVHR work?

The heat recovery ventilation system comprises a heat recovery unit and a network of ducting which is connected to each room. From a single unit it works continuously extracting air and at the same time drawing in fresh supply of air from the outside. The heat from the extracted stale air is recovered via a heat exchanger inside the heat recovery unit, which is then reused to temper the filtered supply air. Up to 95% of the heat can be recovered. The heat recovery unit runs continuously on trickle, and can be boosted when higher rates of ventilation are required. e.g. cooking. In warmer months a summer bypass function helps ensure comfort levels are maintained in the home. When summer mode is activated the property continues to be ventilated and recieves fresh filtered air, however the heat recovery process is switched off.


What are the benefits?

MVHR systems ensure high air quality in homes and buildings and help prevent condensation issues and mould growth.

An MVHR provides:

  • Fresh filtered air throughout
  • Lower heating bills 
  • Air filtration and Cleaning 
  • Humidity control
  • Cooling in summer
  • Silent and Draught free

An MVHR removes:

  • Water vapour and Moisture
  • Dust and Airborne allergens
  • Cooking odours and Cigarette smoke
  • Formaldehyde and VOC's

MVHR systems need attention on a regular basis to get filters checked and changed. Filters should be checked and changed every 6 months and a service should be carried out yearly.

S&B are happy to work with self installers & builders who are new to MVHR's

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